See Stalled Vehicles at Night


Patrol Pole Can Help Reduce Crashes

Adds valuable reaction time to motorists and snowplows, helping avoid the stall.

Highly visible at night (up to 1500’) when stalled vehicle’s flashers have drained the battery.

Confirms that first responders have checked the vehicle for passengers, reducing multiple 911 calls.

Designed for use by Highway Patrols, Sheriff Departments and Police Departments.

Quick and easy to install on stalled vehicle.

Easily stores in the trunk or cargo area of squad vehicles.

American made!

Patrol Pole on a car.

Patrol Pole is a Stalled Vehicle High Visibility Safety Marker featuring 3M Diamond Grade Reflective Tape. Patrol Poles are weatherproof and can withstand substantial wind loads, making them ideal for harsh highway environments.

Patrol Poles are quick and easy to install on the driver's side mirror for maximum visibility. Patrol Pole mounts to any size or shape driver-side mirror in seconds.

Here are some comments being made about Patrol Pole...

Patrol Pole Infographic
Patol Pole

Patrol Pole uses a Diamond Grade™ reflective sheeting.

Noncritical reflective signs like parking and private reflective signs commonly use Engineer Grade reflective sheeting. Many states require High-Intensity Grade road signs. USDOT requires most interstate signage to be Diamond Grade sheeting. More and more states are mandating stop signs and school zone signs to be upgraded to Diamond Grade sheeting due to its superior nighttime visibility.

Patrol Pole, only uses 3M Diamond Grade sheeting which is the most reflective grade in low light environments. By placing a Patrol Pole on the driver's side mirror, oncoming motorists can see and react to stalled vehicles by up to 1,600 feet away!

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