We're passionate about one thing... Highway Safety

We all come upon stalled vehicles at night with a dead battery and no flashers. It can be downright dangerous if you don't see the dark vehicle in time to react to it. Patrol Poles solve that problem by warning you of the stalled vehicle up to 1500 feet away using 3M Diamond Grade reflective sheeting. 1500 feet gives the motorist ample time to move over for the stalled vehicle.

A secondary benefit is seeing that an officer has checked the vehicle for passengers and placed a Patrol Pole on the vehicle signaling that passengers have been removed and are safe. This is particularly good to know when a vehicle has slid off the road and is deep in the ditch!

A serendipitous benefit happens when motorist see that the stalled or crashed vehicle has been checked by an officer and has a Patrol Pole on it; motorist will stop calling 911 to report the same car in the ditch again and again which will free up the dispatcher for high priority calls.

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Want to learn more about Patrol Poles and how your community can benefit from them? Email us at PatrolPole@gmail.com with your questions or interest. We are happy to send you Patrol Poles for your department to sample in your real world environments. We are confident you will see the benefit of highly visible stalled vehicle markers on your roads and highways.

Patrol Pole on a car.